For US citizen, permanent US resident or a Canadian citizen please select payment in US dollars. For all other citizenships please select tuition in Euros.

If you are a dual citizen, please select the billing currency that was selected during the application process or the currency of the invoice received.

Please note that whichever currency you make your first payment in, you are obligated to continue with that currency for your entire duration at AUR.

When making an online payment, you may encounter an issue. The most common reason for unsuccessful card payment is that your bank has declined it. The reasons could be:

  • It doesn’t fit your regular spending pattern.
  • Your card is not activated for online payments.
  • There could be a sending limit on your credit card that has been exceeded.
  • You entered the information incorrectly.
  • You didn’t enter your billing address as it appears on your credit card statement.

Please contact your bank or credit card issuer in case your payment is declined.






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